Tax Investigation and Tax Audit (TITA)

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Tax Investigation

The local tax authorities take aggressive stance to combat tax evasion by conducting tax investigation on suspected taxpayers to detect fraud and/or willful evasion. Special penalties as high as treble the amount of the tax undercharged, a fine between one thousand ringgit and twenty thousand ringgit, or imprisonment of not more than 3 years or both could be also imposed.

Taxpayers under tax investigation are usually panic, stressed and are not able to think clearly and act rationally. An undesirable strategy in managing the investigation cases may result in loss of thousands, if not, millions of ringgit. Furthermore, one may need to prepare mean test, capital statement and etc. which is technically challenging.

We offer you our Professional Tax Investigation Advisory Services and give you the most invaluable support & guidance as to the Dos & Don’ts during an investigation. Together, we can work out the best solutions.

Tax Audit

Tax audit is regularly carried out by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) officers to enhance tax compliance. It is especially intensified under the self-assessment system. Tax audit may result in additional tax adjustments being made and penalties being imposed. Therefore, an appropriate approach must be adopted in handling tax audit cases.

If you were chosen for a tax audit, you need no worry because we provide three different types of services to suit your needs:-

  • Tax Audit Pre-View

We will conduct a pseudo field audit by previewing your selected business records and extracting relevant supporting documents before the actual field visit by the IRB audit officers.

  • Tax Audit Ou-View or In-view

We will be by your side to help you attend to the IRB officers’ needs and queries whilst they are visiting you.

  • Tax Audit Post-View

We will assist you to narrow the scope of the IRB officers’ queries and negotiate for better terms where applicable.