A grant is a sum of money given to an individual or business for a specific project or purpose. A grant usually covers only part of the total project costs involved.

Grant applicants normally are not required to provide collateral or give up equity in their company in order to obtain the grant. In addition, there is no need for repayment of the grant amount nor are there interest payments on the grant principal.

Government offers various grants to encourage Malaysian companies especially Small and Medium Enterprise (“SMEs”) for product, process and quality improvement, market and business development, skill upgrading and acquisition of strategic technology, among others.

Government grants are almost always awarded for a specific purpose or project and are usually for proposed projects only and not for those that have already started.

However, getting financial support can be tough. There will be strong competition and the criteria for awards are stringent. The application for grants is complex as it is a constantly changing legislation. It is an area that requires grant specialist input.

Some major grants offered are for:

  • Product and Process Improvement
  • Certification And Quality Management System
  • Development and Promotion of Halal Products
  • Market Development
  • Brand Promotion
  • Research And Development

K-Konsult is a grant specialist to assist clients obtain the maximum effect from government grant while minimizing the time and effort involved for clients. We constantly update the knowledge of every detail of this wide-ranging subject.

Familiarity with legislations and requirement means application are precisely formulated and targeted. The chances of success are high. This is grounded in a professional approach to the subject and intensive contacts with authorities.

K-Konsult helps clients to assess their eligibility requirements and the chances of obtaining grants and other important criteria related to the grant application.

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